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Does anybody still read this?

2011-03-22 08:03:14 by funkypanda

I've been a youtube zombie for the past five days:

I've watched ten, no, eleven episodes of My Little Pony.
And I can prove that to you by naming the main ponies in order of appearance. (1st episode)
Twilight Sparkle
Spike (Actually, he's a baby dragon)
Princess Celestia.
Rainbow Dash
Oh god, was it Rarity or Pinkie Pie next?
Rarity, i think
Then Pinkie Pie
And Fluttershy.

Anyways, Luxembourg is my new hero.
All of your "Gawd. this iz bad arts." hate mail should go to me.
But all of you "Gawd. Why does dis exist?" hate mail should go to Lux

Edit: Please don't send your hate mail to Lux.

Hey there!

2011-03-12 01:34:46 by funkypanda

Just letting you know how my art is going:

Hey there!

So i've given up on music.

2011-02-22 21:19:35 by funkypanda

Yeah, because I sucked.

In the meantime!
I'm working on art, which doesn't seem to be going all that bad...

So i've given up on music.

song2 on Audio portal

2010-12-31 01:32:33 by funkypanda

Could i fail you any more?
that's right

You better not open it!




2009-08-03 20:22:36 by funkypanda

Still trying to figure out the goddamned thing you kids call "flash"

oh wait!

*trial expired*


so, I had some time to think

2009-06-04 22:06:01 by funkypanda

alrighy then,
dont expect flash from me

ever noticed how nobody in Pokiemon is black

he's more Jamacian-like


2009-03-27 23:01:33 by funkypanda

Check it out! I got all thing-thing arena 3 Medals! YAY!

typeing crap

2008-11-22 01:16:51 by funkypanda

i dont know how to make a flash movie at all. i feel so flashless like one of those annoying old cameras that you go somewhere at night and the camera doesnt have flash so its like blind. this is my first writing thingy. i dont know what to type. i would mostly tell stuff untill i start sounding emo about how much i suck. then we have these poor people that i blammed and send me a private message that makes me feel bad about myself. i just learned that my glasses are cracked. happy day huh? let alone that i am failing my reading class. this sucks. why am i sitting here wasting my time. what i need is... is.... i dunno, theres too many things i need. i need time. i need a girlfreind. i need to get off this retarded computer. i need to tell the girl i love that i love her. god i need more sleep. freaken school takes away my sleep. oh no did i start sounding emo again. listen i dont have time to remember what i just wrote so i dunno post a comment about it or something. well i play oboe. got any other oboes around here? probaly not. wait. what am i doing? where am i?